April 20, 2017


Ornamental Arts at Moravian Boarding Schools

Presented by Del Louise Moyer


The April meeting of the Goschenhoppen historians will feature a lavishly illustrated program by Del-Louise Moyer on the Ornamental Arts at Moravian Boarding Schools in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Moravian reputation for superior education and high moral standards prompted such prominent Americans of the new republic as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Nathaniel Greene to educate their children at Moravian boarding schools. Ms. Moyer’s presentation focuses on the teachers, their students, and the unusual fine art and needle work they mastered including drawing and painting in watercolors; tambour embroidery; ribbon and crepe work; embroidered silk pictures; and worsted or Berlin work, highlighting their significance both then and now. The Moravian schools not only taught their pupils the skills necessary to successfully apply them at home and work, but also as an expression of gratitude to their God for the ability He had given them all to create with their hands sentiments of their hearts.


Ms. Moyer is a noted researcher, author, and lecturer on many aspects of early Pennsylvania German, Moravian, and Schwenkfelder decorative arts. She also publishes a Pennsylvania German blog post focusing on, interesting, unconventional events and information she turns up in her research work. The April meeting is special in the yearly calendar as the Annual Merit Award is presented to an individual who has significantly contributed to the protection and preservation of Pennsylvania Dutch folk culture in the Goschenhoppen region of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Following a brief presentation ceremony Ms. Moyer will present her program.


The meeting will take place at 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at Redmen’s Hall, the Historians’ headquarters located at 116 Gravel Pike (State Route 29), Green Lane, PA 18054.  There is no entry fee and the public is welcome and invited to attend. Light refreshments will be served during an informal get-together at the close of the meeting. More information at 215-234-4119.      

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