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June On-Site Visit: The Hiester House

This year’s on-site visit to the 1757 Daniel Hiester house in Sumneytown is the realization of a long-held dream that many of us had as we traversed Route 63 and saw it sitting off to the north side along the original Sumneytown Pike roadway. Currently undergoing extensive restoration, we will have the unique opportunity to view the bones and sinews of this magnificent structure. A follow-up visit in a year or two will highlight the house restored to its 1757 elegance.

The description of the house by Goschenhoppen Historian member Lisa Minardi, and accompanying photos, can only whet our appetite to spend some time in the house while under reconstruction.

To maximize our time we will start our tour by carpooling from Redmen’s Hall at 7:00PM (not the normal meeting time of 7:30 PM).  There is only limited parking along the old roadway at the house and we need to limit the number of vehicles we take to the site.  If you have a van, SUV, or large sedan and would be willing to take others with you please contact Bill Daley before hand (215-234-4119) and plan to arrive a little earlier to Redmen’s hall to sort out riders. Please do not drive directly to the Hiester House.
We have also been notified that due to the chaotic nature of the on-going restoration we can not take any pictures or videos of the house interior or exterior during our time there. This prohibition includes cell phones and all other forms of photography and recording. Please comply with the owner’s wishes in this regard.



All programs held at 7:30 pm in the 2nd floor Meeting Room of Red Men's Hall,

Rts. 29 & 63, Green Lane, unless otherwise noted.


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