2015 Festival Theme


PA German Decorative Arts


Rarely did the Pennsylvania Dutch make “Art for Art’s Sake”; rather they expressed their love of color and decoration with the beautification of the everyday: utilitarian tools, house wares, needlework, and other handmade items.  The potter, the blacksmith, and the joiner, of course, found ready sale of their wares decorated with Pennsylvania Dutch motifs, but Pennsylvania Dutch folk often adorned their work just because they preferred it like that.  Demonstrators will talk about design, color and embellishment as they interact with visitors.  You might observe the housewife’s kitchen garden trimmed with flowers and a neat and orderly dressing of the beds.  Needle workers may note that, beginning with their samplers, young girls practiced design and pleasing color selections on their home made linens and textiles.  The schoolmaster can point to fraktur and other decorated works on paper.  Gunsmiths, joiners, and most woodworkers employed graceful curves on their products along with sometimes bold color. 

Explore the Pa. German Decorative Arts as this year’s Festival highlights the Dutchmen’s love of color and decoration. 

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