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            Goschenhoppen Historians Folk Festival  Recipe Book   


This booklet is a result of many requests for recipes used by the

Craftsmen at the annual Goschenhoppen Folk Festival.  Almost

without exception these are traditional Pennsylvania Dutch

“receipts” of the Goschenhoppen area.  It is hoped that you will

enjoy trying a culinary and cultural experience from the past.


Author:  Various Goschenhoppen Historians and their friends and relatives

Price:  $8.75



Lest I Shall Be Forgotten   Anecdotes and traditions of Quilts


This book documents quilting in the Goschenhoppen and

surrounding regions, featuring many color photos.


            Author:  Nancy and Donald Roan

            Price:  $16.50






James E. Frill's Musick Book


James Edward Frill (1813-1882) was from Reading,

Pennsylvania.  He was three-quarter German.  He collected

fiddle tunes in 1830.  His tunes include Reels, Marches,

Hornpipes, and Country music.  This book is indexed and has

numerous musical scores.



            Author:  James E. Frill

            Editor:  Carl Baron

            Price:  $22.00


Just A Quilt


'Just A Quilt' or Juscht en Deppich is a folk cultural study

and source book of quilting practices in and around the

Goschenhoppen Region, 1840-1940.




            Author:  Nancy Roan and Ellen J. Gehret

            Price:  $9.00






Tramps and Peddlers


Vagabonds, tramps, peddlers, beggars, and other names have

been used to designate a segment of the country folk, particularly

during the nineteenth and nearly the first half of the twentieth

century.  These travelers have long been favorites of youngsters

throughout the Pennsylvania German area.




            Edited by William T. Parsons

            Price:  $11.00






Mountain Mary Legends


Mountain Mary was one of Pennsylvania's most famous

hermits.  A native of Wurtemberg, who emigrated in the

           1760's to Pennsylvania, she suffered the tragic loss of her

           husband in the Revolution, and never remarried.  She lived

           alone for the rest of her life in the Oley Hills in Pike Township,

           Berks County, PA.          



            Author:  William T. Parsons

            Price:  $11.00



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