On Friday at the Folk Festival artist Gary Phillips lost his favorite palette.  
  Gary has painted numerous beautiful scenes of the Festival.  
  If anyone found his palette please call the office at 215-234-8953 and leave a message,
  or reply through the website.  Thank you very much. 

* * * * * * * * * *

To all who participated in this year's Folk Festival, we, the Goschenhoppen Historians,

thank you very much! The festival needs many volunteers from the surrounding

communities, and without you, the Festival would not have been a success.

Thanks also to all Historians who volunteered or who demonstrated a craft.

We hope to see you all in August, 2016!

* * * * * * * * * *

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!


The Goschenhoppen Historians, Inc., are celebrating

the 50th Anniversary of their incorporation.

Thanks to your support in all of the events, symposiums,

and the Folk Festival over the years, the Historians

will continue to identify, preserve, and disseminate

the Pennsylvania German folk culture and history

of the Goschenhoppen region.


  Save The Date  

Celebrating 50 years of the

Goschenhoppen Historians


Come join us on October 10th, 2015, at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center, for a Pot~Luck Dinner, celebrating 50 years of the Goschenhoppen Historians. We will be having dinner, followed by a program of photos and memories of the last 50 years along with guest speakers.

The Goschenhoppen Historians will provide a main dish of pork and ask that those attending bring a side dish. Please RSVP by September 10th 2015, SEATING IS LIMITED. Please let us know what you're bringing upon RSVP.
We look forward to celebrating with you!


RSVP To: 215-234-8953 or redmens_hall@goschenhoppen.org   

Please watch this site as well as our Facebook

page for more information throughout the year.

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November 7 - 'Researching Family History' Symposium

Information presented includes the Civil War,

Hessian Soldiers, Germantown, and Fraktur

More information on the Symposium will be coming shortly.

* * * * * * * * * *


 Welcome to Goschenhoppen!


Goschenhoppen is one of the oldest continuously existing Pennsylvania German communities in America.  This geographic region occupies a small corner of southeastern Pennsylvania in Montgomery County.  The Goschenhoppen Historians Inc., was founded in 1964 in order to preserve the folk culture of this area's earliest immigrant settlers, known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Incorporated as an educational organization on June 4, 1965, it has grown and prospered and has met, admirably, the many varied challenges of its social commitment to foster and maintain respect for the ingenuity, faith and determination  of these settlers.


Today, the Goschenhoppen Historians maintain several museums, a library, and offer educational and seasonal events and fundraisers throughout the year.


The Goschenhoppen Historian's Office is located at:

                Red Men's Hall

                116 Gravel Pike

               PO Box 476

                Green Lane, PA  18054

The Antes Plantation and the Folk Festival are located at:

                318 Colonial Road

                Perkiomenville, PA  18074

If you would like more information, call 215-234-8953 or email redmens_hall@goschenhoppen.org.













© 2015 Goschenhoppen Historians, Inc.
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